Elmedical thermochemotherapy system

Elmedical delivers a system (console and catheters) for minimally invasive non-ablative high temperature treatments (hyperthermia) for urological diseases.

BWT (Bladder Wall Thermochemotherapy) for Bladder cancer:
  • BWT treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC).
  • BWT provides bladder wall thermochemotherapy with uniform hyperthermia all over the bladder by high flow of a heated Mitomycin-C solution.
  • BWT provides conductive-heat which is easy to control within the bladder.
  • BWT heat is administered precisely and uniformly throughout the bladder avoiding "hot spots” or ineffective "cold spots”.

Bladder Wall Thermochemotherapy (BWT) treats non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) by combining uniform bladder wall hyperthermia with chemotherapy instillation.

Combination of heat and drug has synergistic effect:
  • Heat selectively damages the cancer tissue (neoplastic tissue)
  • Heat increases tissue drug uptake by 3 mechanisms:
    • Heat increases blood flow (more available to the tissue)
    • Heat increases cell membrane permeability to the drug
    • Heat accelerates drug metabolism (every 1 centigrade over 37 centigrade increase at 50%)

The procedure offering best patient's tolerance:
  • No pain; performed with topical anesthesia only.
  • No post-procedure Catheter.
  • No rectal, bladder or tissue temperature probes.
  • Patient returns back to normal activities the same day.

BWT inherent features:
  • Better controlled conductive heat leads to better drug stability.
  • The high rate circulation in the bladder continuously brings "fresh" heated drug in contact with all bladder wall.
  • Uniform and precise bladder wall temperature maintained all over the bladder while there are:
    • No "hot spots" (burns in posterior bladder wall), and
    • No "cold spots" (ineffective low heating near the bladder dome or trigone).
    • The uniform and precise temperature enables increase of the targeted temperature to 44degC without adverse events.
    • The absence of burns leads to increased patient tolerability to the treatment.
    • Non-traumatic insertion of the 18Fr flexible catheter which has no rigid parts.
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