SmartDyn Integrated

New procedure table from Medifa with integrated SmartDyn Urodynamics system.

Two specialist companies with over 50 years experience join forces to design a new standard of integrated urodynamics system.

Patient comfort plus high technology - provides quality urodynamic studies.
With over 25 years experience in the field of Urodynamics, Albyn Medical recognised the need for a specialist integrated Urodynamics system. With the help of table specialists Medifa, our new integrated system is manufactured from the highest quality components and materials. The quality of Urodynamic studies can be improved considerably if the patient is at ease and comfortable during the test, and this aspect was given a high priority in the design of our new integrated system.

All investigation types may be performed including Uroflowmetry, Filling and Voiding Cystometry, UPP and EMG. The integral pressure transducers, flow sensor and puller automatically move with the chair height therefore no re-positioning is required.

  • Integrated wireless flow sensor with automatic height adjustment.
  • Minimal position change required before voiding studies. Less stressful and more dignified for patient than moving onto separate commode chair.
  • Highly accurate weight sensor, sensitive for very low flows. 2 litre collection jug.
  • Integrated pressure transducers. Colour-coded connectors, labels and software traces. Built-in calibration check.
  • Integrated filling pump. Adjustable filling rate is software controlled.
  • Integrated filling volume sensor, provides very accurate filling measurement.
  • Integrated Puller. Adjustable speed is software controlled. Detachable catheter holder for cleaning/sterilising.
  • Wireless communication to PC. No cables.
  • Unique NDL software security system, data is maintained even in the event of power or other PC failure.

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Integrated flow sensor
Integrated puller