Albit is a multi-function ultrasound system.
  • Simple
  • Small
  • Real-time
  • Range of probes & applications

  • Endoanal (EAUS) & endorectal (ERUS)
  • TRUS Biopsy
  • Bladder ultrasound
  • Transvaginal
  • General abdominal, urology, gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatric measurements.

  • Digital broadband technology
  • Multi-frequency rotating probe
  • Display: Hi-Res 1280 x 1024 17'' LCD Touch Screen monitor.
  • Smart Colour Doppler system
  • Presentations: B, B+B, ZOOM, B +CD/PF, B+ (B+CD/PF)
  • Gray scale: 256
  • Scanning depth range: from 2 cm to 31 cm
  • Zoom
  • Cineloop memory (up to 1024 frame-by-frame images)
  • Auto gain control for each of the scan depth
  • Scanning frame rate up to 30 fps (12 fps for mechanical probes)
  • Image orientation: L/R, U/D
  • Extremely user-friendly, easy to use Touch Screen controls
  • Additional Freeze key and direction-keys
  • On-screen virtual keyboard for data input (or optional USB keyboard)
  • Image annotation: patient information, date, time
  • Large memory for images storage (internal HDD)
  • Two USB port input/output
  • Various mounting/setup option for the user request
  • Easy upgradable and customized to specific diagnostic requirements

    Range of probes - see below

  • distance (4 pair of cursors)
  • area, circumference (ellipse and draw method)
  • volume (ellipsoid and draw method)
  • angle

  • video printer

  • 374mm (W) x 332 mm (H) x 190 mm (D);
  • ca 9.5 kg (without trolley)

  • AC 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 75 VA
Part NumberDescription  
11000110 Albit for Electronic probe
11000120 Albit for Electronic + Mechanical probe
11000140 Albit for 2 x Electronic probe
11000150 Albit for 2 x Electronic + Mechanical probe
CA-255 Electronic convex array, 2-5 MHz, R=60mm, focus range 20-160mm.
Applications: abdomen/gynaecology/obstetrics/urology
LA-510 Electronic linear array, 5-12 MHz, L=40mm, focus range 9-60mm.
Applications: thyroid/breasts/scrotum/orthopedics/paediatric
2R-575 Trans-rectal bi-plane (Mechanical), 90°/120°, 5-10MHz, R=11mm, focus range 30-50mm.
Applications: Urology/Prostate/Proctology
11000101 R-510 Endoanal / endorectal rotating (mechanical), 5-12 MHz, R=8mm, 360º,
focus range 15-25mm.
Applications: Anal canal/anal sphincter
CV-580 Electronic endo microconvex, R=10mm, 5-10 MHz, focus range 20-100mm.
Applications: Prostate
11000102 Trolley/stand
Stand, wall or desk mounted.
Range of probes for different applications.