Wireless biofeedback system for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

BioSmart is a wireless EMG-based biofeedback system for pelvic floor rehabilitation, and can be used with vaginal or rectal probes, and surface skin electrodes (patch electrodes).


  • Wireless Communication
  • Patient Management
  • Questionnaires
  • User Target Configurations
  • Standard and Customised Protocols
  • Continuous Improvement Analysis
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation - Periform
  • Biofeedback for Anal Sphincter - Anuform
  • User Configurable Reports

  • EMG Input Channel
  • Patient input protection: ~6kOhms
  • Input range: 1mV full scale
  • Input resolution: >100nV (averaged)
  • Acceptable DC voltage : 600mV maximum
  • Input impedance: 1010 ohms // 1pF
  • Input impedance imbalance: >40%
  • Common mode rejection: >100dB
  • Bandwidth: 10Hz~1000Hz
  • Optional Notch: 50Hz
  • Input referred noise level: 2µV (averaged)
  • Sampling rate: 2000 samples/second
  • Resolution: 24bits (bit weight <30nV)

Part NumberDescription  
00004821 BioSmart - Biofeedback system (Wireless EMG & software)
00004616 EMG module (wireless)
00004820 Biofeedback software (uses wireless EMG module)
  Periform vaginal plug electrode
  Anuform rectal plug electrode
  Surface EMG electrodes
Paediatric display options.
Continuous improvement analysis.